NGBBL NEWS and Game Status



Fr League: 

Championship Game – STRETCH FUNERAL SERVICE wins 28-13 over HEAR FOR SPEECH

PHOTOS Available via link

Jr League:

Championship – ADDIS ELECTRIC wins series 2-0 

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Sr League:

Championship – S.J.U. wins series 2-1

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Look out for all leagues’ championship action in the Main Line Times over the next 2 weeks.  


Check out the scores link for statistics


Players in the news

As mentioned over the last few weeks we had two of our teams (Duffy) players injured very badly in a car accident.  Jenna and Hannah Foster along with two other friends we injured.  Jenna and another friend (Ty Stanton) were in ICU for many weeks and are still critical.  We found out that they started a fund-me campaign to help offset their medical costs.  We are wishing and praying for their recoveries, but if you could donate by purchasing a shirt from the below links I think the families would truly appreciate that.

We also found out there is a GOFUNDME page as well if you would like donate directly.